Therapeutic Horticulture

Therapeutic Horticulture can be especially beneficial:

  • Promotes physical and mental well-being
  • Can alleviate depression
  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes physical stimulation
  • Gives people a greater awareness and understanding of the natual environment
  • Promotes understanding of the cycle of life - planting seeds and nurturing new growth
  • Growing organic fruit and vegetables to consume - nutritional awareness as part of healthy living
  • Raising plants from seeds and cuttings
  • Planting containers and hanging baskets
  • Making compost


Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach programme provides an opportunity for people to develop their skills in a real work context for the benefit of the wider community – for example already turning a disused overgrown space into an accessible garden in the South Wye area.

We also grow organic produce and any surplus will be used to supply local cafes, the Farm Shop and a community vegetable bag scheme providing supported employment in harvesting, packaging and delivery.

Horticultural therapy

Greenhouse work area

Horticultural therapy

Group tree planting

Gail's garden

Gail's garden;


John Trimble has a University Diploma in Therapeutic Horticulture.

For more information on Therapeutic Horticulture please contact John direct at Hereford Community Farm.