Green Woodworking

Hereford Community Farm creates a wide range of items based on traditional green woodworking methods. Unseasoned timber is used as it's easy to work and shape with hand tools, due to its high moisture content. All our timber is harvested from sustainable sources.

We adapt our methods to suit the abilities of all individuals. Participants work with shave horses and pole lathes, which can be customised to suit their needs. This enables them to craft furniture such as benches, stools, chairs and also bird houses, which are often gifted to family members and friends.

Above all else, our intention is to create a safe, fun and caring environment in which people can
relax and experience the joy of traditional crafts at their leisure – while listening to some great music! It's all about the process rather than the outcome and the expression of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment are testimony to the therapeutic value of green woodworking.





Green woodworking

Green Woodworkers

Greenwood chair

Greenwood chair