About Hereford Community Farm

Working with the Community & for the Community


Hereford Community Farm is an exciting new facility being developed to provide inclusive therapeutic land based activities and skills training for people whom face disadvantage through disability, ill health, social need or any other condition or situation which has an impact on their daily life.

The project is led by the team behind the highly regarded Barton Hill Animal Assisted Therapy Centre which was set up from scratch in 2007 and ran successfully until it’s relocation onto the new more accessible site in September 2013.

Activities on offer include Green Woodworking, Organic Horticulture, Arts & Crafts, Cookery and Life Skills. There continues to be a dedicated provision in Animal Assisted Interventions and Equine Assisted Learning.

A skilled and supportive team of staff and volunteers work closely with attendee’s, their families, care givers and Health & Social Care professionals in a person centred approach.

Hereford Community Farm works collaboratively with other established organisations to promote a unified and structured approach in the use of Animal Assisted Interventions and has been part of a dedicated steering group within the Society for Companion Animal Studies that have contributed to the development of the S.C.A.S. Animal Assisted Interventions Code of Practice (UK) www.scas.org.uk

The organisation is operated as a not-for-profit social business and has been a holder of the Social Enterprise Mark since 2010 in recognition of the strong social, ethical and environmental values at its core.

Commissioners of the specialist provision at Hereford Community Farm include local authority Health & Social Care Services, Mental Health Out Patient Services, Residential Care Homes, other Day Service Providers and individuals with personalised budgets.

Hereford Community Farm offers a flexible and person centred approach tailored to meet each individuals aspirations and abilities and attendance can be from half a day each week to full time (5 days per week).

Interested parties are invited to contact Hereford Community Farm for more information or to arrange a visit to see what is on offer and discuss their requirements.


Our Ethos – ‘Enthuse, enable, empower’

Central to the projects core is the key objective of ‘access for all’ and Hereford Community Farm prides itself on its inclusive approach, welcoming people from all backgrounds and with a range of skills, aspirations and abilities.

People’s differences are embraced and their input valued with the emphasis in activities not on an ‘end result’ but on sensory involvement and the experiential learning process.

Hereford Community Farm works alongside individuals, their families, support staff, care providers and health & social care professionals in an integrated approach to provision.

Structured activities in a safe and supported setting are designed to address peoples specific mental, physical and emotional needs, to develop transferable life skills and to find long term solutions in a pro-active rather than reactive approach – ‘enthuse, enable, empower’.


Hereford Community Farm recognises and values people as individuals and has a pro-active approach to engaging people in the activities of their choice. The Team actively encourage and support people to face new challenges with a flexible and adaptable approach to tasks that are meaningful and purposeful.


Hereford Community Farm offers a diverse range of activities and uses innovative approaches to enable everyone to have ‘hands-on’ involvement.

Specialist equipment has been designed and supplied by REMAP Hereford Group to enable wheelchair users and persons with a mobility need to have greater involvement in activities including animal care and woodworking.


Hereford Community Farm celebrates and values each person’s input into activities helping to promote confidence and self esteem. Activities are designed to give people problem solving and transferable life skills helping to promote independence and support personal growth.

With their consent each person has an individual photographic record of their involvement in activities at Hereford Community Farm and this can be shared with family & friends or used as an invaluable record of achievement in planning future sessions or for progress reviews.

  • Facilities & Resources

  • Spacious heated indoor workroom with kitchen
  • Comfortable 'quiet room'
  • Indoor 'animal room' with a comprehensive range of small animals
  • Outdoor animal housing, barn and paddocks
  • Stables and ménage
  • Organic vegetable garden and large greenhouse
  • Sheltered courtyard garden
  • Well equipped & accessible Green Woodwork Workshop
  • Orchard, woodland & farm walks
  • Wheelchair access to all main areas

Additional Projects

  • Community Outreach Group taking gardening & green woodworking skills to support development of other community facilities
  • Supported Employment provision with training & skills development in a real work context

Future plans

  • Development of a Farm Shop & Tea Room Arts in the Orchard & Heritage Trail


Indoor workroom